Goal II (2007) Review

Santiago Munez who quickly became a superstar footballer with Newcastle United in the English Premier League is given a truly outstanding transfer to Spanish La Liga side Real Madrid. The big money move will test everything around his personality and how he can deal with the new found fame.


The second installement picks up as Santiago is transferred from Newcastle United to Real Madrid, along with Gavin Harris. But this way David Beckham and Raul could be in this movie.

So it picks up with his “dream” move to Madrid. This causes problems with his girlfriend Roz (Anna Friel) . . . who’s accent still annoys me. So he has a brother who he did not know about, who kinda stalks him and even steals his car at one point proceeding to drive it around Madrid.

But I think the best part about this movie is how Santiago has to deal with his sudden found fame, and finds himself getting way above himself and forgetting that he is very lucky to be in the position that he is in. I am sure that happens to nearly every celebrity at some point. Especially young footballers who suddenly have a lot of money and women throwing themselves at them all the time. It must be really easy to forget yourself.

Trying to find what the next level step could be going from a team like Newcastle, which I loved about the first film considering that is my club. Moving across to Real Madrid was certainly an attempt to have the film more out there in terms of the stature of Madrid.

So basically it is about him playing for Real Madrid and dealing with that. Not the best of films in my book. Such a shame with this being the best sport in the world.

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