Goal! (2005) Review

Santiago Munez is spotted playing in the US by a scout for Newcastle United who invites him across to England to trial for the Premier League club.


*New Title – Goal! The Dream Begins*

Football or soccer is pretty much my life, always has been and always will be. Playing, watching and coaching just everything about it has consumed me from a very early age. I cannot remember not kicking a ball around or wanting to play in the street or on the grass. But for some reason football does not seem to transfer very well onto the big screen.

The story in Goal is about a young Mexican Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker) (who is illegally living in the USA) so grew up in America playing Soccer. A guy who used to work for Newcastle United (yes that is my team) spotted him playing in a game and says he can get him a trial at Newcastle if he can get to Newcastle.

When it gets to Newcastle I must say the shots of the bridges on the quayside look just incredible! Also the different shots of St James Park look amazing as well. Yes that is probably my favourite part about this movie, thinking that everyone who went to see it would then be more familar with Newcastle United. I even went to the cinema with my Uncle when it was released and we were both wearing our Newcastle shirts with pride.

I liked the way that the people of Newcastle were towards the players, as some of it was very spot on like telling a player that he is just rubbish, randomly in the street and the fans who watched in different places. It was just very nice to see on the big screen. Anna Friel’s accent really annoyed me as I do not think she had the best Geordie accent in the world, so that was disappointing.

Some of the clips of the action look good, but dont sound right. As they were taken from real games so they looked good. Including an Alan Shearer challenge which I think resulted in a broken leg for Wayne Bridge was even in it. The training scenes of seeing the first team across were pretty cool, in the fact the reserves could think that is where I want to be.

However, I dont really think that the whole storyline was not that realistic in terms of coming from no-where getting into the reserves straight away then playing in the first team. It just would not happen with how high a standard the English Premier League. But other than that I suppose that it is an alright movie, kinda the Rocky of the football world.

David Beckham even has a cameo too, which is in build up to the second installment of this trilogy (which I dont think quite worked out the way it was supposed to). But I think the only reason I was a little excited when I first saw this was because of Newcastle United and hoping I could find myself in the crowd. I will always have the knowledge that I was at the games used for the clips in the film.

2 thoughts on “Goal! (2005) Review

  1. I really enjoyed this film, surprisingly because the concept sounded terrible and football if films is often rubbish. Shooting at real Newcastle games really helped. The sequel was a bit of a letdown and I understand the third came out direct to DVD and was terrible (I haven’t seen it, just going on what I have been told). The reason it worked was that it captured the spirit of the fans and what the game means to them rather than just concentrating on the players. That is possibly why the second one didn’t work as well.

    Two things that didn’t ring true firstly a foreign manager at Newcastle, that just isn’t realistic, Ardiles and Gullit are the only ones I remember and they were hardly fans favorites! The other thing is when he is dropped he is leaving to go home, in the real world a player who has come all that way for a trail would at least try a couple more clubs before going home.

    Finally away from the film. Enjoy your season in the Championship; let’s see if you can get back to the premier league sooner rather than later.


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