An Affair to Remember (1957) Review

When a couple meet on a boat and arrange to meet six months later at the top of the Empire State Building, a tragedy occurs meaning one of them got held up and kept the other waiting. The couple already engaged to others cannot deny the passion between them.


One of my most favourite movies, because it is just so romantic and lovely. Without even having a kiss between the two main characters. Its old fashioned in every sense, but I am sure it was quite shocking at the time. Two people who were engaged to someone else meeting and falling in love on a boat (and probably more . . . but you do not see this on screen, you can make your own mind up on that). But watching it now it just screams niceness and how you would just love things to work out.

After Nicky (Cary Grant) and Terri (Deborah Kerr) meet on the boat, when it is coming into New York, they then decide to meet 6 months later at the top of the Empire State Building if they still feel the same way about one another. OMG yes it is that romantic and just so dreamy. Totally something that you would want to happen in your life, such romance. (This movie is the reason the Empire State Building is my favorite).

But is it all really that simple? You fall in love and you plan to meet? Nope not in Hollywood it isnt. Terri is on her way to meet Nicky but gets knocked over in the street as she tries to cross the road. Nicky has no idea of this and is at the top of the Empire State waiting for her, he waits all night and she does not show up. He thinks that he has been a fool and that Terri did not really love him and just did not show up.

Terri is then next seen in hospital crying and screaming that she wants Nicky, but will not allow anyone to tell him that she is hurt. She is told that she will never walk again. They then see each other a few months later after Nicky had returned from a trip to Italy. But the only thing Terri can manage to say is “hello” and he leaves.

Nicky then pays Terri a visit at Christmas, he tells her that he is going away again. But that he was not nice to her by not keeping a date they had planned (which of course was a lie). He had started painting again when he was away, and starts telling Terri a story about the painting that it was of her, but the man in the shop gave the painting away to a woman in a wheelchair . . . this is when he realises that Terri is indeed that woman. When he sees the painting in the next room and wants to know why she did not tell him.

“If you can paint, I can walk” – that line really gets me everytime !!!

They embrace, mainly by hugging and he promises to help her. Its just such a lovely ending which you cannot help but to cry when watching it. Its just so moving and just wow. I cant really think of how to explain it properly. The whole movie I just adore it and think its so sweet that they do eventually end up together after a long time of both wanting each other but not telling the truth and what has happened. I guess it is something that you would do for the person that you were in love with, you do not want them to see you when you are weak or know that you have any weaknesses so they both hide these weaknesses from each other in order to appear stronger than they really are. Instead of just admiting that they need the other person in order to really live.

I guess I just love the thought that you really can have romance in your life in this day and age and like to compare to this movie where the two main characters are so in love with each other and really want to be together. They pretty much risk everything to be together as well, as they both were with someone else when  they met. I guess it was kinda love at first sight and grew from that.

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