Made of Honor (2008) Review

Tom is in love with Hannah who is engaged to be married and everything is about to get so much worse for him when she asks him to be her maid of honour!


Patrick Dempsey really is a very attractive man and who would not be totally in love with him. I think he plays the part of a womaniser (Tom) so well, and it is believeable he pretty much could have any woman that he wants, whenever he wants. I thought the opening of how he met Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) by mistaking her for her room mate was a nice start to how they became friends. She resisted him which obviously he did not like.

Then we skip ahead to 10 years later and they are best friends and get together on a Sunday to go shopping and just basically hang out together. However, it is very obvious that she is totally in love with him. But he does not realise this, and obviously he is going to end up being in love with her but not realise til it is too late. I think this story is kinda the reverse of “My Best Friends Wedding”.

Anyway, Hannah goes to Scotland for like 6 weeks, and yes she meets a Scottish guy and falls in love with him and they get engaged, in 6 weeks, I could not quite believe it either. In this time while she is away, Tom realises that he is in love with her and plans to tell her this when she returns home. But she breaks te news of the engagement first, so he does not get a chance. Its a whirl wind of a wedding plan as they get married in 2 weeks. Hannah asks Tom to be her maid of honour, yes that makes everyone laugh as that is a woman’s job.

Lets go to Scotland, he still has not managed to tell her. Cue not really much in Scotland but they eventually kiss and that is THE kiss. They talk about it, but then Tom leaves the morning of the wedding, but then realises that he should go and win her back. He gets to the church flying through the door from a horse just on the part about if anyone objects speak now. Hannah runs to him and they kiss and yes they end up together. Tom does get punched by Colin though before a return to NY and a wedding.

This is definatly not the best review but the above is a summary of the story, none of which was surprising. I think the funniest part had to be the old auntie with the sex toy she thought was a necklace, that actually did make me laugh out loud. But unfortunatly it was the only thing that did make me LOL. But overall I did enjoy just kinda sitting back not having to think and watching the movie. Patrick Dempsey is not known as McDreamy for nothing, I cannot complain about watching him.

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