100 Sexiest Actors – 1

In the number 1 spot, my sexiest actor EVER is none other than Orlando Bloom.

I have to admit that I have been a fan of Orlando since I first saw him in Lord of the Rings as Legolas (yes blonde wig, elf ears and all). Who could resist when he was a pirate Will Turner opposite Johnny Depp, and Paris in Troy . . . and he is still only 30 years old !!!

I really was obsessed with Orlando a few years ago now and just thought he was soooooo perfect in every way. He has the sexiness in his different roles just because he looks so good. He doesnt really have to try. He used to wear and still wears some strange clothes but he really can pull anything off in my opinion.

I have seen nearly all of his movies, have “Haven” to watch on netflix and think I will watch it in the next few days after doing this post. I really want to see him in some drama’s and more comedies. I really enjoyed his performance in “Elizabethtown” it was different to roles he had done before so it was very good to see.

He has changed his hairstyle quite a few times over the years for different roles, like the longer style for when he was in POTC and playing Will Turner. After LOTR he seemed to get slightly stereotyped into that type of role, in epic movies. “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Troy” coming out not long after POTC.

In the past couple of years he has not had many movies out, so maybe that is how I kinda forgot about him. Well not forgot but pushed other actors ahead of him. But hopefully he will be back with a lot more movies which help to show the different things he is capable of, and he will prove that he is indeed a very good actor.

He has always been in very good shape with his body and well known for having quite a few tattoos. Especially the sun tattoo and LOTR cast tattoo which is on his wrist (the cast got the 9 for the fellowship on different places). I loved all of his interviews and seeing the behind the scenes stuff on the LOTR extended dvd’s. It really showed you what he was like with the cast and it was just lovely to see.

His love of animals as never been kept a secret and he often talks about his dog Sidi who goes everywhere with him. He has had him for a few years now and has regularly featured in candid pictures. Which is just so cute !!! He has also had Sidi in some studio pictures which have been taken.

He has been involved in the global warming awareness to help the planet over the years, working alongside Leonardo DiCaprio to try to make a difference and make people realise what is going on in the world.

I think it will take a lot to knock Orlando off my number 1 spot, just because of how much of an obsession I had with him for a couple of years, haha.


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