100 Sexiest Actors – 2

In second place, just missing off the number 1 spot is . . . Brad Pitt . . . which I am sure is not a suprise at all.

Brad has always been very very sexy and will always be very very sexy. He does not seem to age, and is pretty close to what you would call perfect in my eyes. He is also a fantastic actor to go with it all, sometimes I think he is underrated because of his good looks.

He has been in some very big hits at the box office, including the Ocean’s series of movies in which he is a lead role alongside his good friend George Clooney. Which helps make a very sexy set of movies. He has had some of the most beautiful women as his co-stars, such as Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta Jones and Angelina Jolie. Which certainly makes his roles even hotter when he is with those women. He is now with Angelina Jolie, after the very public split from Jennifer Aniston (who I just loved him with). They have 6 children together, 3 adopted and 3 biological. I think when you see pictures of Brad with the children it makes him even sexier, as it is just lovely to see a man being so caring with children.

Brad has been around for quite a long time now but it is still hard to believe that he is in his 40’s now as he still looks so good. I think one of his stand out movies is “Meet Joe Black” in which he plays death, who falls in love and gets to know what living is like. He was just so gorgeous in this movie it was hard for everyone to not fall in love with him.

Another of his real stand out roles has to be “Fight Club” everyone remembers his speechs and his very muscular body !!! He really was ripped in that movie and totally fit the part of Tyler Durden.

He has changed his hairstyle quite a lot over the years but still manages to always look really hot. He has had to change the colour to blonder or darker for different movie roles as well but it certainly does not change his face and he still looks great !!!

He has been voted world’s sexiest man by people magazine in the past and no one can deny how true that is. He always seems so nice and charming when he does interviews, and when he is on the red carpet he totally owns it without even trying. He is just a very sexy man who does not have to put any effort into looking sexy.

As already mentioned above he has the perfect body as well, of a 6-pack . . . got to love that !!!

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