Legally Blonde (2001) Review

Elle Woods wants to prove that she is not just a dumb blonde, so when her high school boyfriend dumps her she decides to follow him to Harvard and attend law school.


A very popular movie of the early 00’s, and I was such a fan when it first came out. After another viewing today I still think it is a lot of fun to watch and power to the blondes !!! Love it, haha. Yes, it is certainly not the best movie ever made, but it has to be in with a shout for a very good comedy. It also has a good message in it too, that no matter who you are you can do what you want if you set your mind to it.

Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) thought her long term high school boyfriend was going to propose, but instead he broke up with her before he was going to Harvard Law School. This prompts Elle to then get a place at Harvard Law to win him back. She totally struggles with all of the law stuff to begin with, but then after that everyone grows to love her because she is different and not the usual type of Harvard students.

She helps out with a murder case because of her love of fashion and hair. Which is very amusing during the scenes. She does have problems along the way like one of the professors hitting on her. Which caused her to briefly quit, but then everything changed around. I do think Reese Witherspoon was just perfect in this role, she was so fun.

This movie should not be taken too seriously and just watched to have a laugh at and just enjoy it. I certainly think it is one of the best comedies that we have had in the past few decades and that Reese Witherspoon really is perfect in the leading role. It is one of those films that I really do enjoy watching over and over again. Not forgetting that it does raise a lot of good points about not judging someone based on how they look.

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