Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003) Review



This was on TV straight after Legally Blonde, and I had never seen this before today and I kinda wish that I still had not seen it. It really was pretty bad, and I ususally try not to say that about a film. But after how much I liked the first one (more so at the time it was released) I just thought the storyline in this movie was just too silly. Being about freeing her dog’s mother. I mean come on, hiring a private investigator to find the dogs mother in the first place was just dumb, I really do not know why I continued watching after that . . . but I did for some very strange reason.

I did just adore Sally Field, but she can do no wrong in my eyes and it was pretty obvious that her character was going to be the one who stopped Elle from getting the bill passed or what ever she was trying to do, and I felt that she could have been used in a much better and effective way.

I feel like this is not going to be the best review at all, and can imagine a lot of people out there saying, why the heck did you watch it in the first place, when the first one was never a masterpiece. But at least that one was more original, this just tried to play on the same jokes and things but in a new setting. Maybe I still like the first one more because I saw it when I was younger? and now I am older watching this was just painful. Especially with some of the actors in the cast.

I think I should probably just stop this review here really, as I could end up ranting on forever and that would be just boring and pointless. So I would advise to avoid this movie, as it really did not impress me at all. Who knows, I just did not like this.

I think its a perfect example of how not to make a sequel, let’s face it the first film has a cult following and a very funny and impressive stage musical has come from it as well. So sometimes a funny film that was pretty groundbreaking should just be left well and truly alone!

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