100 Sexiest Actors – 3

In 3rd place is a fantastic actor (who in my view is underrated for his acting) . . . Leonardo DiCaprio.

Yes I very much was “one of those girls” when Titanic came out and was totally in love with Leo. He was just WOW and I was only 10! Probably one of the first big celebrity crushes that I really had. I was not one of the girls who went to see Titanic over 10 times though, I went once and have to admit I did not cry back then . . . but now I cry my eyes out and beg Kate not to let him go. They were meant to be and he was drifting away, ok yes I have become softer with stuff like that since I have gotten older . . .

Before Titanic he had some fantastic roles in which is showed how great an actor he was and could be. But Titanic kinda put him with so many female fans I think for years it had a negative effect on his career. He was more dubbed a pretty boy rather than an actor which I have always felt sorry for him, but now he is older he has more than proven how fantastic of an actor he is. Working a lot with Martin Scorsese, and not really working with anyone else, he helped him grow up in the roles he was getting.

So when he was young he was cute, when Titanic hit he became hot and sexy. Also as Romeo around that time too, he really was the perfect choice and at least he was getting young girls to watch Shakespeare right? haha. But now I really think he is sexier than he was when he was younger, he has grown up and is still a very hot man.


I have really enjoyed his more recent movies for his acting ability such as “The Departed” in which he really enthralled and had you routing for him. Being able to act the way he did with Jack Nicholson also on the screen and manage to hold you really is fantastic. “Revolutionary Road” being the other role which really made me say WOW he is an incredible actor, he had a certain innocence in that role. Being back on screen with Kate again both far away as possible from their Titanic characters, married and having unreal arguments nearly all the time. They both put so much into those roles and really should have been Oscar nominated!

I really do think Leo will win an Oscar at some stage, he has already had 3 nominations for “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, “The Aviator” and “Blood Diamond”. I am yet to see the first two (in netflix queue) and he was incredible in “Blood Diamond” with the South African accent and playing a man who was so determined.

He is very big on trying to battle against global warming and fighting for good causes (see picture above) and he often does fundraisers and things to try to make people more aware of what is going on in the world. He really has had to grow up in front of everyone. He has a lot of movies in the works so is going to be very busy over the next few years, hopefully he will be picking up an Oscar at some point.

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