2010 Releases

I guess I have nothing better to do but thought I would have a look into the future of film and pick out some movies that I am looking forward to being released in 2010. At this very moment in time, my list of what I really want to see only contains 10 movies. I am sure as time goes by this will increase to so many more . . .

Sex and the City 2

Have not really heard very much about this movie for a while but that doesnt really matter as long as it is out next year. I will be happy, I dont really care about the storyline I just want to see Carrie and the girls again. Yes I am a massive SATC fan, loved the first movie so cannot wait for this second movie to come out.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Probably a funny choice since New Moon has not even been released yet. But I can look forward to the third installment coming out next year as well. As more Edward and Bella will be good times.


Yes I was looking forward to this more when Zac Efron was cast in the main role, but still a remake of the Kevin Bacon classic is going to be interesting either way. With Chace Crawford in the role, who seems to be quite popular from a TV Show, possibly Gossip Girl? But maybe I am wrong about that.

Toy Story 3

Woody and Buzz along with the rest of the gang are going to be back, after so long away !!! and yes at the age of 21 almost 22 I am still excited to see them again. I love the first 2 movies and think it is going to be even better seeing them in 3D form in the new fun of Disney going 3-D crazy.


Anything with both Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio attached to it is just going to be good. It cannot be bad, this is the movie which Nolan put off his 3rd Batman movie for. So it has a lot to cover. But it does sound good.

The Last Song

Yes, as you no by now I am a fan of Miley Cyrus so this movie which has been written by Nicholas Sparks and is Disney sounds like it will be really nice and still very good. I am looking forward to seeing Miley not in Hannah Montana and doing something a little different.

Hoodwinked 2: Hood v Evil

Yeah I have to admit that I really did like the first Hoodwinked and thought it was pretty much just fun to watch. With funny jokes and everything in it. It was different and just a good time really. So a second outing for the characters is fine by me.

Valentine’s Day

For one main reason . . . Julia Roberts and being back in the rom-com setting. It has to be good . . . ok it doesnt but I dont care if Jules is in a new movie. Yes I hate Valentine’s Day, and if I see this around Valentine’s day it will probably annoy me, haha.

Iron Man 2

Yes as soon as Iron Man finished I was hoping for a second installment for the man of iron. As it was just so good, when I wasnt really expecting very much from it. I am even more looking forward to it now that Mickey Rourke is in it and after seeing the picture of him as Whiplash the other it is going to be a massive hit in my world. Robert Downey Jr and Mickey Rourke both being in a movie that is definatly going ot be a hit, is something that nobody could have predicted a few years ago.

Robin Hood

The new Robin Hood, which I hope is made as read something the other day which stated it was in trouble? But hopefully not with Ridley Scott directing and Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett being signed on as Robin and Marion. It has to be good, although I do hold Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves close to my heart. But I do love the whole Robin Hood story in general.

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