Then She Found Me (2007) Review

At 39 years old, April is left by her husband Ben and when her adoptive mother passes away her birth mother comes back into her life.


My intial thoughts before watching this movie was wow, what a fantastic lead cast of Helen Hunt, Bette Midler, Colin Firth and Matthew Broderick. They certainly did not disappoint, I found this movie to be heartfilled and rather lovely.

The story is about April (Helen Hunt) who finds herself having a midlife crisis after her husband leaves her, her adoptive mother dies and her biological mother finds her. All within like 48 hours, which over a few weeks or even months would be awful, but for it all to happen that quickly was way too much for her. While all this unfolds she begins dating Frank (Colin Firth) the father of one of the children in her class, as she is a school teacher.

Bernice (Bette Midler) is her biological mother and talk show host, who claims she was trying to find her for years but for some reason keeps telling April lies, which made April struggle with everything even more so than she previously was. But Bernice reappears at the correct time for April and really helps her get through the things she is going through in her life, even though to begin with April is reluctant to let her having any part in her life.

So April is dating Fred and is very happy with him, as she says she is eventually with someone who really sees her. But then she finds out that she is pregnant, with her husbands baby. She is in a situation with her husband, that she cannot say no it him and that he has some type of hold over her, no matter what she does she cannot get past this and just folds to him all of the time. This results in a break up with Fred, who totally loses it with her. Also at this point she is not speaking to her mother anymore as she lied again to her.

When she goes back to the doctors for the second scan, the baby does not have a heartbeat. After this she eventually talks to her mother again, after her brother persuades her too. She also makes it up to Fred and explains that they will both hurt each other at different stages in their life together.

I found this movie very interesting and thought provoking in terms of how people are affected and feel about adoption. The person who has been adopted and the person who gave there child up for adoptition. I have a slight soft spot for Helen Hunt, as I adore “As Good As It Gets”. I also love Bette and Colin, so this was good to see them all together in one movie. With some very difficult scenes to watch, in terms of the arguments and how they hurt each other.  But I did enjoy watching this for the acting, which I thought was very good.

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