My Life (1993) Review

When everything seems to be going so well for Bob Jones his wife expecting a baby, he is diagnosed with cancer and only given months to live. He therefore sets out to ensure his child will still be aware of him.


Another movie which I had not heard of until searching Netflix, so thanks again to netflix for helping me come across another good movie. So Bobby (Michael Keaton) has a nice like, a wife (Nicole Kidman) who is pregnant with their first child, a very successful business and he has cancer. In order to battle against cancer they try different things. He is first seen on a video camera, this is all in order for his child to know him.

As the story of his life unfolds the unhappiness he felt from his family, and how he did not get along with his mother, father and brother after he left home for LA and started a new life. All of this has to be revisited along the way in order for him to try to sort out his heart. This was advised to him my the Chinese doctor he goes to see.

With the main subject matter of this movie being a man battling against cancer, I found the way in which he handed and approached the whole thing was just fantastic. I thought Michael Keaton put in an outstanding performance and deserves a lot of credit for it. The way in which they made him look so deteriorated when he was coming to the end of his battle was just heartbreaking and so hard to watch. Any time he was in pain, I think if this movie should be watched by people who are battling cancer along with their families and friends as it was really positive in not giving up and keep battling against it all the time. I also thought Nicole Kidman was very good, in which was an early role for her.

I think a lot of people will be able to relate to how most of the characters were feeling at different times in this movie as most families have had to deal with the trauma of cancer and battling against it. How it really brings families back together, which is shown in this movie. I really loved it when his mother and father eventually went out to see him, as his mother hated flying so the fact that she got on the plane was just fantastic. I really liked how Bobby ended on very good terms with his family, including making up with his brother who he had not really spoke to for a few years, and eventually getting the circus in his backgarden like he had told people it would happen when he was a child.

Also the fact that Bobby got to meet his son and spend sometime with him before he died. Bobby had made all different types of videos for when Brian was at different ages for him to still be learning from him. I thought the most heartbreaking scene was Bobby in a wheelchair at Brian’s crib, and telling him that it probably for the best that he was not going to actually know him as he thought he would be like his father was to him and be distant and never see him, and he would end up not liking him.

Overall, I really thought this was a very nice thought provoking movie, with a deep subject matter so close to a lot of people’s hearts and I suppose the age old question if you would want to know how long you have left and if it would impact the way you lived.

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