100 Sexiest Actors – 7

In 7th place is the fantastic Irish man Colin Farrell

Colin has now been around for quite a while now in the movie scene. He has come along way since appearing on UK TV. In recent years he has been in some big movies with other big named stars such as, S.W.A.T, Miami Vice, In Bruges, Pride & Glory to name a few of them.

I think when you hear is normal accent, with him being Irish totally adds to the sexiness. It is a very sexy accent, but not forgetting that Colin is totally drop dead gorgeous. In no matter which role he is in. As in his different roles he has had longer hair and shorter hair, but it really does not matter he is just HOT.

He seemed to have a problem with drinking and possibly drugs in the past but got seems to be over that after a long fight to try and stop and sort out his life. He also has a reputation for being a womaniser and who can blame him? Not many women would say no it Colin!


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