100 Sexiest Actors – 8

Number 8 in my list is probably one whom everyone would assume would be in a higher postion than this but others just beat him to the punch . . . Johnny Depp.

You are probably now wondering who is taking up the top 7 spots with Johnny down here in 8th. He is very sexy and does ooze sex appeal in which ever role he is in. No matter how strange he may look in that role. He has been around for a long time now and has never really used his looks ahead of his acting, but he still cannot get away from his looks as he is adored by millions.

I am trying to think which role and movie is my favorite and for what reasons, and I am so leaning towards Sweeney Todd being such a massive fan of that movie. (and yes I still thought he was hot with his mad hair and rather black eyes . . . ). But Pirates of the Caribbean is just so much fun! Captain Jack Sparrow is such a funny and fantastic character.


His movie choices have always raised heads and he has often been considered brave, as he possibly takes on roles which other actors will not attempt to do. He works with Tim Burton a lot and his movies are always slightly on the strange side and quite often wacky. Johnny seems to thrive on this and really does not care how is looks are changed. The main part I am thinking of is Willy Wonka, in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. To take on such a well known character and totally change the way everyone knew he is such a special gift, but that is what Johnny is capable of on screen.


Off screen he is a very private man, and often seems shy and reserved in interviews and at movie premieres. I think this really adds to how sexy people find him. As know one really knows too much about him other than from his movies.

He also seems to have got even better looking as he has got older, I often forget that he is in his 40’s now as he is just as hot as he was in his 20’s and 30’s. He has re-invented himself a very times now as well having a different style and new look. With that he tries to be different from everyone else and just do what he wants to do.

The high cheek bones and half smile is in my opinion when he looks his sexiest. He really never disappoints even if he is walking down the street (and you would totally not realise it was him, haha).

8 thoughts on “100 Sexiest Actors – 8

  1. Johnny Depp is one of my favs by far. He has that not really trying to be hot but just is sexiness down to a fine art. Besides that he’s one hell of an actor.


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