Say Anything . . . (1989) Review

Lloyd Dobler is an underachiever and he falls for Diane Court, trying to win her over despite the objections from her overbearing father.


This is definitely one of those movies that you feel like you know before you have even seen it. I felt that way about this movie, with the whole “In Your Eyes” stereo holding scene. That is a very lovely moment in this movie, but there is a lot more too it than that scene. It is about growing up, falling in love for the first time, making decisions and finding out people (or the world) is not exactly what you thought they were or is.

I think I found the best part of this movie being the love story between Lloyd and Diane, it was first love and between two people from totally different backgrounds and ideas on how there lives were going to go. Diane was the brain box and going onto do great things, she was going to study in England. While Lloyd had no idea what he was going to do with his life. He was just going to take things as they came.

When they began dating, he knew that it was just until she went to England. But I think it was pretty obvious that it was a bit more than that. Especially after they had sex for the first time with each other, I have to admit I was cringing so much when she actually told her father the truth. That is totally not something I would have liked to do at all, the way she told him. I was watching thinking, no please dont tell him, lie to him, dont tell him the truth, are you crazy! But it did make me laugh as well, as I cannot think of anyone who would have sat and done it like that.

John Cusack is just great in this movie, the way he just seems that he cannot stop talking and fills in the silence is just so cute. I also loved how Joan was his sister in the movie too, I thought that was a really nice touch to it all with them really being brother and sister. I felt so sorry for him when none of his family were at his High School graduation, even though he said he was not bothered that must have been sad for him. He was a very popular guy and just seemed to be loved by everyone. No-one gave him any hope when he was trying to get a date with Diane. But she was like everyone else and pretty much just fell for Lloyd.

Another story on going was the relationship between Diane and her father. He was extremly overprotective of her and he had her future mapped out for her. She never really had much of a life at school and did not really no anyone else from her class. When it came out that her father was being investigated for fraud. He had been stealing money from the old people who died in his carehome. Diane at first did not believe this, but eventually she realised that it was indeed true and could not believe this. She decided to go to England, and almost left without saying goodbye.

I really liked the ending, that they were going to try it out together in England. It leaves it open so you can decide what happened to them and their relationship.

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