The Last Word (2008) Review

Evan makes a living my writing people’s suicide notes and he then begins a romantic relationship with the sister of a recent client.


Thank you netflix for helping me un-earth this little treasure of a movie, which I had never heard of until last night. I read what it was about and thought it sounded interesting, then noticed that Wes Bentley was in it and I really enjoyed his performance in American Beauty.

Evan (Wes Bentley) is a man who writes other people’s suicide notes, he has a few meetings with them and helps write the note from thoughts that they have. But this all starts to go wrong when he starts a romance with Charlotte (Winona Ryder), the sister of one of his recent clients. He obviously lies to her in how he knew her brother Matthew, and this all does eventually backfire and she does learn the truth. I think the main problem with that he lied was that not only did he lie once, he lied twice. As when he realised he was found out to have not gone to school with Matthew, he just said that they were on the same bus together. So when Charlotte found out the truth she was not happy, and even when Evan left she said to call if he comes back but she will probably not want to see him again. Which while I found it sad, I thought it was a good way to end there relationship.

The other story going on is Evan’s growing friendship relationship with Abel (Ray Romano). Who is another one of his clients, who writes classical music pieces. Abel is very messed up in the head, and cannot even write down his feelings for Evan to help him with the note.

I really did think Wes Bentley was just fantastic in this movie, and I really want to see more of his films. He has some strange kind of presence when in a film and has a very intense look in his eyes when acting. I really do think he is just fantastic. I couldnt help but relate the role to his in American Beauty (mainly because it was so good, and I have not seen him in anything else).

So Evan had a very horrible childhood and suffered at the hands of his abusive father who himself and his mother were constantly moving away from. I thought this was linked very well to when he was being mugged that he completly lost it and started punching the guy who was stealing his money. It seemed like all of his agression towards his father and the beatings he used to take started to come out.

So after Evan had his incident with the mugger and had broken up with Charlotte when she learnt the truth during all of this Abel had been calling him all of the time. After this he eventually called Abel back. But Abel said it was too late for anything now and that it was the end. But Evan knew exactly where to go . . . Abel was cutting the wire over a bridge on the freeway. Evan tried to talk him out of it but Abel was having none of it and said it was all too late.

However the final scene Evan was on a cliff with a guy who wanted to throw his fax machine off, yes he had started up the business that Abel had once talked about. (but was Abel there? . . . that is the question . . . trying not to spoil the ending).

I would recommend this movie to people as I really found it good, mainly because the acting was of such a high standard. Ray Romano as Abel was in fantastic form and in such a different Character to Ray from “Everybody Loves Raymond” so it was refreshing to see the depth he can go as an actor. Winona Ryder was very good as well. But Wes Bentley totally stole the show with his ability to appear emotionless.

3 thoughts on “The Last Word (2008) Review

  1. I’ve never heard of this one but it sounds really good. I had the biggest crush on Winona Ryder when I was younger but I just don’t ever see her anymore. I also really hate Ray Romano in Everybody Loves Raymond but if you’re saying he’s playing a much different part here then I think I can look passed the hate and check this out. Now I just have to find it!


  2. Yeah I was pleased to have watched it. If your a member of netflix it is available as watch instantly. I had never even heard of it until I came across it last night, and I am now so glad that I did, and by that if I get other people to go out and watch it I think thats a good thing. What I dont understand is why I had not heard of this movie, with a rather high profile leading cast. I hope I can come across more movies like this.


  3. I’m not a member of Netflix sadly. I think if I was I’d be on overload of flicks and I’d never get any rest. Thankfully my girlfriend works at Best Buy so whenever I’m looking for something I just put her on notice so when she sees it she can pick it up for me. I’m usually lucky enough to find what I’m looking for so it shouldn’t be too long before I can get a review up for this one myself.


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