P.S. I Love You (2007) Review

A young widow named Holly is struggling after the death of her husband, which is even worse when he has ten letters that are sent in order to help her accept it and move on with her life.


I first saw this movie at the cinema, not long after it came out and I went with my mam. I always remember that I saw the trailer over and over and told my mam that it is the type of film that she would love too (and yes I was right).  Lets start off by saying that before I went to see this in the cinema, I had never actually cried watching a film in the cinema before.

Anyway enough of that . . . The basic story is Holly (Hilary Swank) and Gerry (Gerard Butler) were married for years and got married very young, they were living in NYC and trying to get a better apartment and discussing having children. But Gerry dies after suffering from a brain tumor. But he had a plan to help Holly rebuld her life and get on with things, and cope after he was gone. He done this by writing a series of letters and different suprises for Holly.

So this meant a lot of emotion filled times, as she had to face up to the past and get on with things after he was gone. But she could still see him and feel him around her. The karoke scene was probably the moment I started crying . . . yes she was singing “love you til the end” and could only see him sitting there. It really got to me and broke my heart. So many more little moments really get to me as well, I dont really have any idea why. As it is not like I can really relate to anything that happens to Holly in this movie, I guess I really just felt sorry for her and kinda managed to feel the pain (yes I do realise that sounds totally crazy).

My favorite scene from this film is when Holly refuses to leave her appartment and watches old movies, and she is watching “A Star is Born” and singing along with Judy Garland to “The Man that Got Away”. I just thought this was a brilliant scene especially as her mother, friends and sister walk in on her dancing around and singing.

I did not like Holly’s mothers attitude throughout the film, I always thought she was very hard on her. But I suppose at the end that is all explained. I thought Kathy Bates put in a good performance in this movie. But she always seems to put in a good performance in which ever role she is placed in.

The trip to Ireland was very funny as well, that Gerry had all set up for Holly and her friends. As they always talked about going back to Ireland. The trip was funny, especially the boat scene I really liked that a lot. Overall I think this movie was kind of predictable but still had a really nice message too. I really liked the ending as it left everything open. I have read the book too, and I think I liked the book better.

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