Penelope (2006) Review

Penelope was born with a curse on her which can only be broken when she finds true love.


I guess I am having mixed feelings about this movie. As it is always a difficult subject matter for someone who has something wrong with their appearance. So Penelope is part of a family who has a curse put on them, for when the first girl is born into the family. The curse is that she has a pig’s nose or snout, which yes sounds ridiculous but did look rather funny. But not really scary to the way all the guys would run away from her . . . anyway legend had it that getting married would left and break the curse.

So her mother played by Catherine O’Hara aka “Home Alone” mam, haha. Lines up men for her to marry. But they all run at the sight of her. The press were lead to believe that Penelope died when she was a baby, this was mainly her mothers idea to keep the press away. So Penelope lived her whole life behind the doors to their house. She longed to leave and go outside. Max or Johnny (James McAvoy) ends up being paid to try to get a picture of Penelope, he however falls for her as they talk a lot and he does not freak out when he sees her.

But he tells her that he cannot marry her (later you find out this is because he is not blue blood) but this causes Penelope to eventually break free from her parents and run off into London one night. She adopts wearing a scarf around her face so that no-one can see her. She eventually sells a picture of herself to the press so that all the attention would stop. Everyone then grows to love Penelope and accepts her for what she looks like, she even makes two good friends one being played by Reese Witherspoon (who I thought was great in her short appearance).

This is the thing that got to me, everyone accepted Penelope and her mother was still going on about the curse so that she would be normal and live a normal life. At this point Penelope says that she does not care and she likes the way she looks and is happy with herself. At this moment the curse is then lifted . . . but my problem with this is what message is this sending out to people ?!?! That when everyone and Penelope herself see past her looks they become “normal” again.

But never mind, I still found this movie enjoyable maybe because James McAvoy was just very goregous in it haha. But yes Johnny and Penelope end up together at the end, but he did not care about what she looked like and loved her for who she was, deep down not on the surface. I liked that very much and that he kissed her before he knew that she no longer had her pig snout.

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