100 Sexiest Actors – 50-41

Into the top 50 !!!

Starting to get good now . . . OOOO wait it has been good all the way along . . .

50. Robert Redford

One of the original heart throbs, and still very sexy too this day. OMG at him in “The Way We Were” he was just to die for, fantastic !!!

49. Josh Holloway

Mainly known for his role in Lost as Sawyer . . . and WOW he certainly caught my eye. He is extremly sexy and just WOW. Love him. He has the lovely rough look, with the stubble and long-ish hair. He has incredible eyes as well.

48. Michael Douglas


He is a very sexy guy, he always has been and I reckon he always will be. He has an incredible voice as well, yes I am strange and find his voice very sexy. He has always been a lovely looking man, and I think Catherine is just great with Michael.

47. Shia Lebouf

He is defiantly going to be one of hollywoods hottest actors one day. He is so cute and sexy now, imagine when he gets older he is only going to get hotter !!!

46. Channing Tatum

Channing is pretty perfect in my eyes, he is just WOW. He has the body, the face, the smile and hot haha. I first saw him in “She’s the Man” and Step Up and just fell for his arms, haha. And face of course. He is going to be around for a long time.

45. Jason Statham

I like to refer to Jason as a bit of rough, because he is hot and rough. He has such a great thing that in like nearly every one of his movies he takes his top off at some point and he is totally ripped, has an incredible body.

44. Antonio Banderas

The sexy Spaniard had to be in the list somewhere he just oozes sex appeal. His accent/voice, his eyes his smile and just the way he acts is just all so sexy.

43. Matthew McConaughey

Very sexy man, with a very sexy voice. I first saw him in Time to Kill a few years back now, and remember he was just sweaty all the way through it haha. Which was definatly good times, but then seeing him in “How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days” he was just so lovely in that. *swoons* I am now starting to doubt why he was not higher up in my list . . .

42. Ryan Phillipe

I was sad when Ryan and Reese spilt up because I thought they were perfect together with the two kids, but never mind eh? He is extremly sexy and I can see him getting more roles in up and coming years and proving he is a fantastic actor as well.

41. Patrick Swayze

Who did not fall in love with Patrick in “Dirty Dancing” and then fall all over again in “Ghost”? He really was sexy back then. Anyone would have loved to dance the night away with him, and have the time of their life with him, haha.

3 thoughts on “100 Sexiest Actors – 50-41

  1. Hello Ryan you are beautiful. My photo is to andronicconstantin.weblog.ro-photoblog search to google i’m not friends i am alone


  2. Who tallied up these votes? How could any of these men be before Robert Redford???? He should at least be in the top 20. NOT # 50!!!! OMG! What planet are these people on?


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