100 Sexiest Actors – 60-51

Now onto the next 10 in the list . . . numbers 60 to 51 . . .

60. Tom Welling

Another younger actor who has a bright future and is very sexy too, haha.

59. Hugh Grant

He is not a big favorite of mine, but I did just love him in Notting Hill, as he was so silly and cute with his floppy hair, haha. I went off him a bit with Daniel Clever in Bridget Jones, after hearing thats more what he is like in real life. Its strange the things that can put you off people. But he is still sexy.

58. Ben Affleck

Who wasnt totally head over heels for Ben in Armageddon ?!?!?! He was just sooooo sexy in that, and in pretty much everything else that he has been in. Yeah he lost some of his appeal when he was with JLo but he definatly has that back now. Keep being sexy Ben !!!

57. Liev Schreiber 

I must start off with saying, well done Naomi Watts. You have bagged yourself one very sexy man in Liev !!! He is anotehr manly man, and just oozes sex appeal. I had not seen him in anything until Defiance and suprisingly he caught my attention even with Daniel Craig on the screen, haha.

56. Robert Downey Jr.

Last year was a big year for Robert, he made a good comeback and an Oscar nomination to go with it all. He really is a sexy guy and proved it once again as Tony Stark aka Iron Man. One of the hits of last summer !!!

55. Rob Lowe

One of the original members of the brat pack, and still sexy to this day. He really is and always has been a very attractive man.

54. Eric Bana

Another Aussie on my list,  Eric first caught my eye in Troy. He was just so fantastic in it. He is a very attractive man, a bit rough looking when he has the beard, but o so sexy and lovely.

53. Vin Diesel

The ultimate action man . . . rough, tough and sexy? Yep that is definatly Vin Diesel. He is a massive manly man and just pure sex on legs. Again he is not obviously sexy but he he so hot. His body is his biggest pull, the massive muscular arms are a massive turn on.

52. Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer is definatly a guy who has got sexier with age. I think he is so much more sexier than he was when he was younger. Love it when men get better with age. I love The Sentinel as Kiefer is comanding and just great in all fairness, haha.

51. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan is extremly sexy, and has a very bright future ahead of him in the movie business. He has already worked with so many fantastic actors and actresses. He always stands out in which ever role he is in, yes that could be because he is so hot. As the picture above shows he has a nice body to go with his lovely face. 🙂


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