Eddie (1996) Review

Eddie is a massive fan of the New York Knicks, with a big mouth and likes to make herself heard during games. She works as a limo driver and at first she does not realise that she picks up the new owner of the Knicks from the airport and drops him at his place.


As it happens, he hears her at a game and manages to get her onto the court for the half time competition. The winner of the competition is honorary coach for the second part of the game. Much to the annoance of the head coach. But the fans loved her. So Bill got her back for the next game, which caused the coach to walk out. So Eddie became the head coach of the Knicks. The players did not respond very well to this at all. This was just for the game.

But when Bill realised how much press Eddie was getting, he made her head coach full time. The players would not talk to her, would not practice or anything. But over time she realised that each of the players had personal problems and she helped them sort it all out.

So yes as you would guess they started playing well, and starting winning games. And got to the playoff’s, but not before a little drama of Bill going to sell the Knicks and move them from NY to St. Louis. But yes they won and made the playoff’s so it was rather predicitable, but with it being Whoopi, it was entertaining.

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