100 Sexiest Actors – 70-61

Onto 70 to 61 . . . the next 10 in my list . . .

70. Steve McQueen

A very attractive, what I would call manly man. He is so tough and has that type of hard man image. While being extremly sexy.

69. Hugh Laurie

Another Brit who I really find sexy, but have no idea why. He is not obviously sexy but there is definatly something about him.

68. Marlon Brando

Often claimed to be the greatest actor of all time, which I am not arguing with. But damn he was sexy when he was young. In A Street Car Named Desire as Stanley, I am sure everyone who has ever watched that movie desires Marlon.

67. Keanu Reeves

Not one of the most gifted actors in the world, but he really does have some sex appeal, and is a very good looking man.

66. Bruce Willis

Another actor with fantastic eyes, he is just so damn sexy. In which ever role he is in, he just has that something that makes you want to watch him all of the time. I think also he is another one who has got better with age.

65. Kevin Bacon


Everyone loves a bit of Kevin Bacon. He has pretty much done every type of role imaginable. Everyone loves him in Footloose and was the reason everyone loved footloose. He is a very sexy guy and pretty much looks the same now as when he was younger.

64. John Travolta

Everyone must have fallen for John when he was in Grease, as Danny. He really was very sexy and boy he could move. He still has a bit of sexiness left in him now. And can be a man who has got sexy in a different way with age.

63. Hugh Dancy

A lovely young British actor, who keeps poping up as the love interest in romantic movies. Really does have a good future as he is very nice looking. He could well be the new Colin Firth in my opinion.

62. Denzel Washington

Very very very sexy man, who has always been sexy and will always be sexy. With a write up like that your probably wondering why he is this low on the list, and to be honest I really do not know haha. This list has been very difficult to complete. With some very difficult choices to make. Denzel really does just own in any movie that he appears in which adds to his sex appeal.

61. Frank Sinatra

Ol’ blue eyes, probably started of the sexiness of hollywood. He really was such a sexy guy and had so much about him with his showman style.

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