Remember the Titans (2000) Review

Based on the true story of a newly appointed African-American high school football coach and how the first season together he must unite the team that are going against everything in racial segregation.


This really does have to be one of the best American Football movies out there. Denzel is just fantastic as Coach Boone. He really did show all of the emotions that the coach would have went through so well throughout the movie. How hard he was on the players, being sick before the first game after finding out he would loose his job if he lost a game, how he used humour and how he battled against the racism. He really was the perfect choice for this role, having the authority in him and being able to just own the screen.

This is based on a real story of the High School Football team the Titans. In 1971 in Tennessee two schools were merged together, thus bringing the black and white communities together. Which caused a lot of outrage and protests at the school. But the football team was the turning point for everyone. It helped bring the town together.

The team camp was probably the best part in my opinion, as they would not even talk to each other at the start of it and by the end of it they were singing and joking about with each other. It was important for them to get along to be able to play together. And out of the way of there parents and everyone else who thought they should not mix. They became friends with each other and helped each other through different things.

They all standed united together and that really helped everyone in the town, as they all loved the team and loved that the team was winning. I really liked Coach Yoast as well, because he had good morals and could have easily lost a game and got himself the hall of fame. But the team meant more to him than anything else. I also really liked how the two coaches became friends with one another. Sheryl, Coach Yoast’s daughter was just fantastic. She was like another coach, she just loved football and I thought that was just fantastic !!! She was so passionate about it all, and lived for it.

Gary was the captain, all American football player. He did not like Coach Boone to begin with, like the other white players as they were Yoast’s players. But in the end they really did get on with each other. Gary gets into a car accident before the state cup final, and is paralysed from the waist down. So he can therefore not play football anymore. But he did go onto win a gold medal at an olympic games.

I really enjoyed the way the story was told through Sheryl and how it ended at Gary’s funeral as he died 10 years after the Titans had the perfect season. The funeral showed how together the team was and still cared for one another 10 years after first meeting and having a good season and also changing the whole mentality of the town.

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