News: Streep Inspired Ryder’s Happiness

I always like it when younger actors are helped out by their elders.

Winona Ryder vowed to cheer up on movie sets – after Meryl Streep taught her how to be happy and successful.

The actress, who suffered from depression following her split from Johnny Depp, realised she could combine her acting with a contented personal life after working with Streep on 1993’s The House of the Spirits.

And the experience helped her learn it wasn’t necessary for actors to be moody in order to give their best performance.

Ryder tells Elle UK, “I worked with Meryl Streep on The House of the Spirits. I always thought actors had to be really depressed or moody or anguished to be great, but she was completely fine and had her family and came to work and did an amazing job and she wasn’t that way.

“I remember that being a really big deal to me. And I was like, ‘Wow, I can actually be happy and be good at the same time!'”

News: Sutherland Had ‘No Passion’ With Roberts

I think it seems as though it was best for both of them that they did not get married. If the passion is gone, then theres not really much you can do.

Kiefer Sutherland’s romance with ex-fiancee Julia Roberts broke down after their sex life vanished.

Roberts, who once branded the 24 actor “young and silly” for proposing to her, called off the couple’s wedding just days before they were due to exchange vows in 1991.

And Sutherland admits that although he felt a strong connection with the Pretty Woman star, their relationship collapsed when the passion burned out.

He tells Elle UK, “Well, at the time, I wanted to raise horses on a farm in Montana, and she was the number one actress on the planet. That didn’t create a specific rift but there was a gulf in what we actually wanted.

“There was a huge connection between us but… it was more like friends than the passionate relationship that she or I would have wanted. She saw that; I did not.”

News: Crawford Undergoes Musical Training For Footloose

I am still sad that Zac is no longer in it, but hopefully Chace will be very good.

Chace Crawford will undergo gruelling singing and dancing lessons before the cameras role on his remake of movie musical Footloose.

The Gossip Girl star has signed to take on the role made famous by Kevin Bacon in the 1984 original film, after Zac Efron was forced to pull out.

Crawford has limited musical experience, and director Kenny Ortega admits he’ll need coaching before he’s ready to take on the role.

Ortega – who is choreographing Michael Jackson’s comeback tour – tells Us Weekly, “He really sizzles. He has musicality. We need to work with him on music and dance. There are some big shoes to fill. But he has it in him.”