Gracie (2007) Review

Gracie Bowen must prove everyone wrong as she wants to pursue her soccer dream and play on the team with the boys.


Football (Soccer) is my most favorite thing, my hobby, my passion, and pretty much my life. As I work as a coach. So to watch a movie about football is always good . . . but they have never really hit the spot and this is the same. For some reason the sport just does not transport onto the big screen very well at all. I really cannot explain how, I mean even Goal! which was about my team Newcastle, still wasnt too good. I think the only reason why I even gave it a chance was because Newcastle was involved.

This movie was about Gracie, a 15 year old girl. Who after the death of her older brother (who was like her best friend) decided that she wanted to play soccer.While her school did not have a girls team, that meant trying out for the boys team. This was a big task as the school would at first not allow it, but eventually she was allowed to try out.

Her father played by Dermot Mulroney (who was fantastic) used to coach her brother and played with her younger brothers too. At first he would not help Gracie and refused to train her, but after a while he came round and decided to coach her. This was after Gracie kinda went off the rails a bit, she was going clubbing and getting in trouble at school for not doing tests or homework.

I liked the determination of her training and everything to actually get to the trial. But I just thought some of the football was just so unrealistic and just bad really, (i thought the same about Bend It Like Beckham) theres just something missing when trying to capture football in movies. I cannot really explain what it is though.

But Gracie did not make the Varsity team, instead she had to go to the Junior Varsity team . . . but guess what. She was in the squad for a game and came on and scored the winning goal. Yes that would really happen !!! NOT, yes it was a hollywood happy ending but come on, stuff like that just does not happen that often.

While on the football side of it I am not a fan, I did like the way they showed how she was struggling with the loss of her brother, not getting on with her father, and the whole growing up thing. The subject of sex and your first time was touched upon a few times, and I found this to be very important in relation to youngish girls watching this movie.

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