The Producers (2005) Review

The musical version of the extremely popular film from Mel Brooks, two producers realise that you can make more money with a flop than with a hit show on Broadway.


Yes it took me a long time to eventually watch this movie, even though I do have it on dvd back in England. I never got round to watching it. So thank you netflix !!! It is available to view instantly on netflix at the moment, so I have now watched it. I have to admit that in parts of it, I found it annoying and a bit stupid, but overall I thought it was very entertaining and funny.

I really just adore and love Nathan Lane, even more than I did before watching this. He really is just fantastic and no-one can come close to how brilliant he is, especially when it comes to a musical and when he is teamed up with Matthew Broderick. They really do just work so well together and totally bounce off each other brilliantly. Nathan really does have that fantastic broadway charm to him, and is just an entertainer.

So the main story to The Producers, is Max (broadway producer, who sleeps with old women to get the money for his shows, hilarious) and Leo (who starts off as an accountant) and together they decide to put on a show that will be the biggest flop in history so they can make more money. Because apparently you can make more money with a flop than with a hit. So they read every play ever written. To find which will be the biggest flop . . .

. . . in order to do this they need the author of the play to sign the contract. This being Nazi loving German played by Will Ferrell whos play, Springtime for Hitler was chosen to be the flop. Will Ferrell really was just so hilarious in this role, and his singing and dancing were just the funniest.

Uma Thurman played Swedish Ula who wanted to be in the show, but they hired her as a receptionist while they sorted out everything for the show. She ended up with Leo. Gary Beach who played Roger the very camp director, was just brilliant and I can see why he won the Tony Award for his role on Broadway. He was just fantastic, and so funny when he played Hitler in the play. Who wouldn’t laugh at a camp Hitler?  I also thought Roger Bart was hilarious, as my first thought was OMG he was in Desperate Housewives, then his campness and dancing about was sooooo funny.

In terms of the musical numbers, they were all very entertaining and so funny. I think “I Wanna Be a Producer” was one of my favorites just because it is inspirational. Never Say Good Luck On Opening night was highly amusing as well, love it a lot. Most of the other musical numbers were very entertaining as well. I cant really pick out a showstopper, but I guess this musical is very different in comparison to other musicals.

While yes it is very silly and daft in parts, it is still very funny and entertaining. I would recommend watching this movie to have a laugh and enjoy it for what it is. Entertainment.

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