100 Sexiest Actors – 90-81

The next 10 in the countdown . . .

90. Ralph Fiennes

I think he has amazing eyes, which makes him more sexy than he should be. Yes that makes no sense but I could not think of another way to explain how I find him sexy haha.

89. Bill Nighy

Probably a strange one from a lot of peoples point of view, but after seeing him in Love Actually. I had this really strange little obsession with him. I think hes just great, and as Billy Mack is just the sex, hahaha.

88. Rex Harrison

Apparently he was known in Hollywood, as Sexy Rexy . . . which he did not like at all. It was all based around his reputation as a ladies man. I think in “My Fair Lady” as Henry Higgins he was just perfect and his sex appeal is apparent in that movie. He really did have that something about him, which made him seem pretty irresistable.

87. Tim Curry

Yes I have to say it, just for his role as Frank in Rocky Horror. He is HOT in drag !!! He really pulls it off dressed as a transvestite. Which I dont no if thats right or wrong, but he really is the sex in that movie.

86. Jack Nicholson

That cheeky joker smile and those eye brows. Who could say no to Jack (even now) he is just a ladies man and could probably charm just about anyone (and any man, if he wanted) I reckon. He is just the sex and just so incredible. Watching him in movies, certain roles you just think thats him playing himself, especially when it comes to women. He seems to have had a lot of women and I can really see why.

85. Elijah Wood

Those big blue eyes and the innocent look he always seems to have make him very sexy indeed. He has a cute smile and is just adorable really. A former child star who has transformed to an actor in his own right, and grown into a sexy guy.

84. John Cusack

I think John has always been an attractive man and was very sexy when he was younger, but still has kept his sexiness when he got older. Which is very good indeed.

83. Val Kilmer

Yes back in the day Val was very sexy and hot. Especially as Iceman in Top Gun. (see picture above). Even in his outing as Batman he was very fit. But in recent years he got rather fat and chubby and lost his sexiness. But at least we have Top Gun to see him in all his glory.

82. Ethan Hawke

Ethan has a very naive look to him, and even though he has looked very very skinny in recent times he has always been very sexy in his own way and I think that has a lot to do with his eyes and the way he looks at people.

81. James McAvoy

Probably quite a low pe

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