100 Sexiest Actors – 100-91

So the very start of the count down to find out who in my opinion is the sexiest actor of all time . . .

100. Alec Baldwin


Alec is an example of a man who was hot when he was younger, but then got a rather fat, then got his weight down again and was HOT again. Yes I still think he is hot, like in “The Departed” I thought he was hot. He has a whole thing about him, which just demands attention and he is very good at that.

99. Alan Rickman


Alan is another man who has the sexiest of voices. He has always been sexy and hot. Especially when he was in “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” I know he has a lot of fans for his role as Snape in Harry Potter. But his voice is the thing that melts me the most.

98. Steve Carell


Yes, there is something incredibly sexy about him and I am sure a lot of woman thought that while watching “The 4o Year Old Virgin” . . .

97. Robert Pattinson


Lets admit it, he wouldnt even have a look in this list if he wasnt Edward Cullen in Twilight. No-one would have looked twice at the guy from Harry Potter. But he is Edward Cullen, therefore he is sexy and hot and very much wanted. He needs to do more to get higher on this list though. So just being on it is an achievement for him, haha. I dont really find him as sexy as when he is Edward and I am sure that is the case for a lot of people.

96. Jonathan Pryce


Probably thinking this is a strange choice, especially looking at the picture I have put in here . . . but I really did have a thing for him when watching Evita and that he was Jack in Jumping Jack Flash. He just has a really sexy voice and I think he is great. (He is probably not going to be the most shocking entry on my top 100, just as a warning for what is to come !!!)

95. Ben Stiller


Ben is sexy in his own way, as I dont think he is the obvious good looking guy. Yes that makes more sense in my head that it does there. He has grown on me over the years, I used to just think he was funny. But found myself thinking he was hot in Meet the Parents and he has something about him that just screams sex appeal.

94. Andy Garcia


I think Andy is a man who has gotten sexier and sexier with age. His voice is definatly part of his turn on. He is a very attractive man and always plays powerful characters which I think aids his sex appeal a lot.

93. Russell Crowe


Now Russell is definatly a manly man and I just love that. He has a reputation for not being the nicest of guys and I think that adds to his sexiest and the wanting of him. He has the stubble/beard going on and it is HOT. Who didnt love him in Gladiator?

92. James Marsden


Probably in quite a low position just for the fact that I havent really been a fan of his for very long. Yes I did find him HOT in X-Men and then in Enchanted. But he needs to be in more things to get higher up the list. But as the picture shows, he is hot stuff.

91. Jamie Bell

He was cute in Billy Elliott, but Jamie has really grown up and is very sexy yound man. I really liked him in “Deviance” I thought he is showing that he has grown up a lot and has the hottness to go with it.

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