The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008) Review

Set during World War II and seen through the innocent eyes of a child, not really understanding what was going on and why his friendship was forbidden with a young Jewish boy on the other side of the fence in a camp.


To begin with I really must say that this has to be one of the most depressing movies that I have watched. Along the same lines as “The Pianist” with the subject matter being that of the Nazi’s and Jews. Films like this really do just rip my heart out and I find them terrifying. Terrifying in how close to what actually happened they could be. Seeing people suffer like that, yes I know they are movies but they are based on the true stories of thousands of Jews dying in such horrible ways.

Anyway, enough with my little rant on that. This movie, was so heartbreaking with the fact that the innocence of children was used to show that they really were innocent and did not understand what was going on at all. And just saw each other as friends rather than as enemies (which they were told they had to be). Trying to play and be friends through a barbed wire fence was just so sad, they were just 8 years old and wanted to play. I thought it was also disturbing that the 12 year old girl turned into a Nazi worshipper. Just scary!!!

I loved how Bruno snuck food out and tried to help him. But the moment he decides that he will go under the fence it was pretty obvious how it was going to end, and no it was not happy. Again through the innocent eyes of the children who really had no clue that they were going to die. That they believed everything would be alright and it really was not going to be.

Had to really feel for Bruno’s mother, as she really just broke her heart and screamed. I found these scenes extremely powerful. (Although all the way through the movie, I could not get where I recognized Vera Farmiga from, yes thats right “The Departed”, I would never have got that . . . thanks IMDb.)

But overall, this type of movie is a once viewing for me. I really dont need to see it again, as the subject matter is just too difficult. Very good acting from all the cast, most of whom are unknown.

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