New Moon (2009) Poster

I think this looks like it could be a teaser poster for New Moon. I am very exicted about this movie, I adored the Twilight book and I am currently reading New Moon. Which I will have finished by the time the movie comes out.

I really like the look of this poster though, I think it kinda explains the whole story of New Moon . . .

News: Carrey Brings Snow To Cannes

I think this is so cute 🙂

Jim Carrey brought Christmas to the French Riviera on Monday after transforming the Cannes Film Festival into a winter wonderland to promote his new movie A Christmas Carol.

The funnyman arrived at a yuletide-themed photo call in a horse-drawn carriage before frolicking in the fake powder at the sun-drenched Carlton Hotel beside the Mediterranean Sea.

Carrey, who plays Ebenezer Scrooge in the Disney film, even scooped clumps of the pretend flakes into snowballs, which he pelted at castmates Colin Firth and Robin Wright Penn.

Studio bosses have launched a seven-month promotional campaign for the 3D remake, which will even feature a train tour across the U.S. leading up to the film’s November release.