News: Spielberg: ‘There Will Never Be An E.T. Sequel’

I think this is really good news, as it was a good way to end it . . . he went home !!!

Director Steven Spielberg has ruled out plans to make a sequel to kids’ movie classic E.T., insisting it’s “a closed story”.

The filmmaker was reported to be in talks with the movie’s star Drew Barrymore, who featured when she was just six years old, to reunite her character Gertie with her extraterrestrial friend in a new installment of the picture, 27 years after the original.

But Spielberg has already dismissed the notion, telling Empire magazine: “I’m never going to make E.T. II – E.T. is a closed story.

“It had a beginning, middle and a definite ending, and we had nowhere to take it except to go home with him. Nor did I want to bring him back to Earth for a second time.”

News: Roberts Hides Her Career From Kids

Awww this really is just too cute !!! I heart Jules so much, and love that she tries to keep her kids life normal. Also that they watch Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music !!! Love it 🙂

Julia Roberts is determined to keep her acting career secret from her children for as long as possible – she doesn’t want to ruin the magic of movies for them.

The Hollywood star is mother to three kids with husband Danny Moder – twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, four, and Henry, two – and deliberately refuses tell them she is an actress.

She tells British magazine New, “They don’t know what I do – yet. I kind of like it that way. I don’t know what they’re going to ask me when they do realise and I don’t know what I’m going to tell them, because I want movies to stay special for them for as long as possible.”

And the star admits she has already lied to Hazel about the secrets behind the film-making business.

She adds, “My daughter said to me the other day that Maria in The Sound Of Music sounded a lot like Mary Poppins. I said it’s because they’re both English! I didn’t want to say, ‘Well, it’s because Mary Poppins is really Julie Andrews, who’s an actress,’ because that would burst that perfect bubble. So I prefer not to deal with it right now.”

News: Gibson’s Girlfriend Pregnant – Reports

WOW I wonder if this is actually true !!! Cant imagine how his soon to be ex-wife must feel about it !?!?!

Mel Gibson’s girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva is pregnant with the couple’s first child, according to internet reports.

The actor’s wife Robyn filed for divorce last month after 28 years of marriage amid rumours the actor had been dating 39-year-old Grigorieva.

The Lethal Weapon star made their romance public weeks later (begs27Apr09), by taking his lover to a movie premiere in Los Angeles.

According to, Gibson has already told his estranged wife and their children Grigorieva is in her second trimester of pregnancy.

The former couple share one daughter and six sons.

Actors and Coming Up

As I am having a bit of a sort out and change around today I have been trying to think of different things I could post about in the blog. A lot more top 10 lists will be coming up when I think of some good top 10 titles.

I am also going to start doing profile’s on different actors and name my favorite movie by them, and which movies I have seen them in and things like that. So that will lead to a lot more posts with my opinions in them.

Any suggestions would be welcomed, thanks.

Top 10 – Movie Musicals

I am a huge fan of musicals. I love going to see shows at the theatre and have seen shows on the West End and Broadway. So therefore I absoloutly adore movie versions of musicals. I have decided to do a countdown of my current top 10 movie musicals. I have actually found this list very hard to complete, as just having a top 10 was very difficult for me. But I managed to get it sorted in the end, haha. I kept remembering about different movies and probably will realise later that I have missed a favorite out. But never mind, I could always re-do this list in a few months.

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New Layout

I was growing bored of the other layout I had on this blog. It had been that way since Feb . . . so all of 3 months and it wasnt really too good any more. So I have now changed to a different layout and I think it looks much better now. Especially that more pages fit across the top, so it gives me more room to adapt. I also really like the way the date is on the side of the posts.

Any views on the new layout?