Gamer (2009) Poster

I had never heard of this film until I came across this poster. I love the look of the film, just by the poster. And the fact that its Gerard Butler makes me like the look of it even more, haha.

News: Midler Calls For First Wives Club Sequel

I caught Bette on Rachael Ray yesterday and they were talking about this saying that she wished they had got the chance to do it not long after the original movie. I for one would love to see the sequel as adore this movie.

Actress Bette Midler wants to reunite with Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton for a sequel to 1996 comedy movie The First Wives’ Club.

The trio played three spurned women who seek revenge on the husbands who left them for younger women, in the comedy hit.

Midler insists Hollywood sexism prevented them from making a follow-up sooner, but she’s not given up hope – and is hoping to bring the story up to date on the big screen.

The star says, “I really do regret the fact that we didn’t get to do a sequel earlier and it’s funny when women have a big success, they say, ‘Ah, it’s a fluke’, but when men have a big success they bring a sequel straight out. We had a huge hit but then they couldn’t get it together for a sequel, it wasn’t organised enough to get it done again. So it really broke my heart.

“I was actually thinking in the shower the other day, has it been too long? Will people remember? It’s been two generations! I think if they got it together I think the crowd would come out for it, I really do.”

News: McGregor’s Holy Costume

I think this is really interesting !!!

Ewan McGregor felt a special link to the Catholic Church while shooting controversial new movie Angels & Demons in the Vatican City – his costume was made by the pope’s own tailor.

McGregor plays a priest alongside Tom Hanks in the film, a prequel to controversial 2006 drama The Da Vinci Code.

The feature was expected to upset Catholic scholars in the Vatican because it’s storyline deals with a brotherhood within the Catholic Church whose members commit murder to ‘protect’ Jesus Christ’s lineage.

Reviewers at The Vatican’s newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, who attended a special screening earlier this month, dubbed the film inaccurate but “harmless”.

And McGregor has revealed the project got an early boost, when Pope Benedict XVI’s tailor agreed to make his character’s cassock.

He says, “It was so beautiful because it was made by the Pope’s tailor. I don’t know that the Pope knows that. I don’t know that he’d be too pleased. The Vatican weren’t very happy about The Da Vinci Code and as a hangover to that weren’t too thrilled about Angels & Demons. But there’s no anti-Catholicism or anti-Christianity in the movie – otherwise I wouldn’t have made it. But his tailor made me my cassock, yeah.”