News: Generous Douglas Rewards Kids At Namesake School

I think this is such a nice gesture !!!

Generous movie legend Kirk Douglas hands every kid who graduates from the U.S. high school he sponsors a cheque for $500 (£333).

Douglas’ support for the California school, which offers troubled kids a second chance, prompted education bosses to name it after him.

And the Spartacus star makes a point of meeting and congratulating ever student who passes their senior year at the Kirk Douglas Continuation School.

In a posting on his MySpace blog, the 92-year-old writes, “A few weeks ago, I made a visit to the Kirk Douglas High School. I am proud that they asked to name their school after me.

“One of my pet projects is to try to inspire young people to at least have a high school education. Then, I try to encourage them to go to college. As a small inducement, I give every graduate a $500.00 check.

“When I spoke to the students I was surprised that they each gave me their personal pledge of what they wanted to do in life to improve our world: from volunteering in hospitals and local schools, to supporting our troops by sending letters and care packages. One student has agreed to help the elderly by volunteering at a convalescent center (I wonder if I inspired him). I am proud of the students of Kirk Douglas High School.”

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