Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway (2008) Review

I love Rent.

That had to be the first statement in this review. I love the movie, I love the songs, and I love that they decided to film the final broadway performance so I got to see how it was on the stage as I was not lucky enough to see it in the West End or on Broadway. I was however lucky enough to see the special performance at the Tony Awards which combinded the current cast at the time, with the original cast. I was very much into the songs and music before I had even watched the movie version.

I am so glad I got to watch this filmed live version as it showed the story in a slightly different way to the movie. In some parts I felt they cut the movie a little bit short and left out some of the linking story lines, not in a major way but in a slight way that made the movie a little bit more difficult to understand than the stage version. It just made me so wish that I had actually got to see this before it closed. It is such a highly emotional show, and it must have took a lot out of the actors doing this show at least once and sometimes twice a day with the crying and upsetting scenes which occured so often throughout.

I really loved how most of the orignal cast appeared on stage for the last singing of “Seasons of Love” on the broadway stage (for now . . . I wonder how long before a revival takes place?!?!?) It sends out such a message and was still selling out, but I guess in the long run “Rent” had already had its day in the eyes of Broadway, and had to make way for some new shows (must of which will never last 12 years). I think Rent was the last of its kind having such a massive run on Broadway. “Wicked” might come close as that is so very popular (yes I suppose that is a slight pun, haha).

I really do find the songs from “Rent” to be so fantastic, and still with you for so long afterwards. I think my favorite has to be “Take Me or Leave Me” . . . just because of the words in the song and how much emotion is put into it. I really liked how it was in the stage show, but also liked the adapation for the movie version. But it is still my favorite song, but I do love all of the other songs too. Just love this one slightly more, haha. Just great!!!

I really would recommend anyone who is a fan of musicals to watch this as soon as possible. Just one regret I have is becoming a Rent Fan as it was closing in the West End and on Broadway. Talk about bad timing!!! O how I wish I had went in the West End when the tickets were easier to get and it was rather on the cheap side (in terms of musical theatre ticket prices).

“Theres no day but today!!!”

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