10 Movie Quotes, What they mean and why they’re important!

I have just come across this article: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/649651/10_movie_quotes_what_they_mean_and.html?cat=40

and found it very interesting.

I would class myself as one of those who know the movies they are attached to, and can quote quite a lot from different movies, haha. Yes I am that sad!

I think the 10 quotes which the author of that article choose to include were very good choices and could often be used in everyday life . . . yes you are now thinking frankly my dear I dont give a damn . . . yes that was a bad attempt at including a quote in there haha. But that quote actually does occur quite a lot in general conversation with myself and my family just because it is so well known, we all love “Gone with the Wind” as well.

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