Field of Dreams (1989) Review

Build it and he will come

Ray Kinsella is a corn farmer and when he hears voices, he sees this as a chance to build a baseball diamond in his fields. As he does this more strange things begin to happen as the 1919 Chicago White Sox team comes, one of those men being his father.


Yes, I am a massive Kevin Costner fan and I eventually got to watch this movie last night and found it so lovely and inspiring. Inspiring in the way of trying to encourage everyone to take chances on having their dreams come true, rather than regret not trying in years to come. So its kinda you should live for the moment and do everything you can to be happy.

The main focus of the movie, is a father-son relationship. As everything is linked from Kevin Costner to his dad. All of the people who turn up to play have some link with his dad, and even the original message of “build it and he will come” was about his dad. Being able to change the past and right the wrong he done in not speaking to his dad for years, and claiming his hero a cheat. It was also nice for the relationship between Kevin and his daughter.

There was quite a bit of switching between times, and people coming back from the past in the movie which if you dont pay attention could become a little complicated. But on the whole it was really good. The whole thing of the players who were deemed cheats and banned from ever playing Baseball again, were allowed to play on the field of dreams . . . the field Kevin built as he heard a voice telling him too. Yes I do realise that sounds really rubbish and not something you would go out of your way to watch but you really really should its such a nice story.

The ending where you realise it was all actually for his dad was both lovely and heartbreaking at the same time. Especially as he just tells him who is wife and daughter is, then as he is walking away Kevin says “Dad do you wanna cacth?” both have tears in their eyes which really is heartbreaking. They eventually get to play catch after all of those years, just lovely!

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