As Good As It Gets (1997) Review

What if this really is, as good as it gets?

Jack Nicholson is Melvin Udall a writer with obsessive compulsive disorder. He has to be in a certain routine of doing things and he cannot handle any chances in this daily rountine. This includes eating the same thing for breakfast sitting at the same table in the restaurant where Carol (Helen Hunt) works.


He constantly says the wrong things to people and this does not create the best relationship for his next door neighbour Simon (Greg Kinnear). But when Simon is badly beaten up in his home, Melvin ends up looking after Ridell, Simon’s dog and suprisingly ends up loving the dog.

He then ends up taking Simon on a trip to see his parents to get money for him as he lost everything when he was beaten up and robbed. Melvin takes Carol along, who feels like she has to after Melvin paid for a private doctor to take good care of her son Spencer who is sick with pretty much everything. This leads towards a very interesting trip!!!

This is really one of my favorite ever movies, I just love it so much. Jack Nicholson is so at his very best in this, its the way he delivers the lines and can just get away with saying certain things that other actors could not get away with. Including his cheeky grin that is o so famous. Some of the dialogue in this movie is just incredibly funny, its brilliant!

A lot should be said towards the dog as well, for the whole not stepping on the cracks in the pavement part. As Melvin does not step on the lines in the pavement the dog begins to copy off him. To which Melvin picks up the dog and says “dont you be like me” which is just so cute and funny.

I love when he sings “always look on the brightside of life” to the dog as well, while sitting on the piano its such a classic Jack Nicholson moment of singing haha. He totally deserved an Oscar for his performance in this movie, as did Helen Hunt. Just a shame Titanic was this years Oscars as best picture would have been brilliant for As Good As It Gets. I really do think its just a work of comedy genius.

I hate how many people often have not even heard of this movie. Let alone seen it. It really should be watched by everyone!

So many parts in the movie are my favorite part, or so many lines are my favorite. I suppose the best way to put that is that I just love this movie, so so much. It really is as good as it gets!

I dont have many comedy movies which I really love and watch over and over again, as they often have the same old cliches and are kinda a little funny but not so funny the next time you watch them. But this is so brilliantly put together it can be watched like a million times and it would still be funny, and even different parts might be funny. Like you pick up on something that you did not see the previous time you watched it.

This movie is what confirmed Jack as my favorite ever actor and I think that helps in my love for this movie, hes just so mean in parts but its in such a funny crazy way it works so well.

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