Coyote Ugly (2000) Review

The Party Never Ends

Violet Sanford an aspiring songwriter moves to New York City to try and make her dream come true, she gets a job in a female run bar which helps her come out of her shell.


I eventually got to watch this movie all of the way through, for some reason I did not watch then end. Possibly started watching it at 1am when it was on TV so could not stay up until the end as was just too tired. But last night I eventually got to watch the end or most of it, haha. I am glad I eventually got to watch it all, it had the lovely nice ending I thought it would have.

It has such a good soundtrack and songs throughout the movie which is very good and makes it even better. The dancing on the bar was very cool as well, something I have actually done before on a bar, haha. Well not that like, but still I have danced on a bar, good times haha.

Anyway, Adam Garcia is just so HOT in this film. Yes, I do realise that is a very shallow comment but I so do not care. I like to watch good looking men in films as theres a lack of in my life, haha. But WOW about Adam he is just too cute and lovely.

Kevin really does care about Violet and I think thats just lovely, even if it isnt that realistic (yes I am being cynical right now, but love just doesnt happen like that). But it is nice to see it in the movies, and maybe hope that one day it might just happen for real or something). I so get off the point in these reviews at times.

Moving on, I really love the whole aspiring to acheive something which is the main point and morals of this movie. That Violet wants her songs to be sung, and she really does have the dream of being a songwriter. But there is a problem, that to get her songs out there she has to sing them herself, and yes you guessed it she suffers from stage fright. Which Kevin so kindly helps her to get over and actually sing her songs.

I havent really mentioned that she gets a job in a bar called Coyote Ugly and becomes a Coyote, which means she dances on the bar and even sings along to the jukebook. Totally out of character for her. But this is also a major factor in helping her get over being self conscious on stage and believing in herself more.

Her relationship with her father is totally tested throughout the movie and in the end he admits he just didnt want to lose her so encourages her to follow her dreams and he knows she can do it.

Overall I think this is a very good movie, showing that you can do what ever you want in live and succeed if you never give up and really keep trying.

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