Random Rant 1

I’ve decided to now start doing posts titled random rant from now on, for random rants believe it or not, haha. Basically when I’m not writing a review, top 10 list or something like that, movie posters or some latest news. Just a post with mentions of movies or actors, depending on what I have on my mind and if I am really clever quotes too haha.

So this is the very first official random rant and I have no idea which direction it is going to go in . . . I am trying to decide which movie to watch on Netflix watch instantly but ended up on this rant instead. I am currently leaning towards starting to watch “Sweet Charity (1969)” because its a musical and they usually make me smile and happy. Not that i’m sad just annoyed with the whole football results, but I wont get into that here.

I currently have iTunes on shuffle, and its actually quite amazing that so many songs on my iTunes remind me of certain movies with the songs featuring in them. For example “rescue me” which is on right now reminds me of “Sister Act” when Whoopi Goldberg is cleaning the car and doing all those chores. I love Sister Act it is just brilliant and one of my favorites from childhood. Its funny how that is one of the movies I could watch a million times and not get bored of it. (An idea for a list there I think!!!)

I keep wondering if anyone actually reads my blog, like all the time looking for updates and stuff. As this week has been the best EVER week since starting my blog for fews. Hopefully on track to be the best month as well, after I slipped up with updates through most of March. But back bigger and stronger now.  I just hope I actually do have people who read it all the time, as I think that would be rather on the cool side. (Feedback would be great . . . )

I have so many movies on my to watch list and really hope that I will get a lot of them watched over the next few months. As most of the movies on that list are old. Thank god for Netflix. I should get my next dvd on tues/wed I reckon. If they get “Juno” back tomorrow. I really did enjoy Juno, as I was rather worried after all the great reviews that I would be let down and disappointed. But I certainly was not, it was so clever and funny. I would definatly buy that to watch over and over.

I suppose a plus side of not having all my DVDs is that I am making myself watch movies that I have not actually seen before instead of the same old favorites. But again when I fancy just watching something I have seen already and love/like I can use Netflix for that too. Take Dirty Dancing 🙂

I think this rant should end pretty soon as I am running out of things to say and should actually watch a movie instead of just ranting and ranting.

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