Juno (2007) Review

A comedy about growing up . . . and the bumps along the way.

When an unplanned pregnancy happens for Juno she must make some very big decisions being only 16 and a junior in High School.


Yes, eventually!!! I got to watch Juno and I am so glad that I have eventually seen this movie. It really was different and gave interesting opinions on the whole teenage pregnancy problems and how reactions are made to it. I dont think it was making it look good, or even making it look bad for that matter. But I dont think it had to either way. It was more based on what the girl in the problem goes through. And in this case Juno (Ellen Page) who is 16 years old and her first reaction is to go and get an abortion, which as she is sitting in the waiting room she just cannot go through with it.

So she makes a massive decision that she is going to find the baby nice parents to adopt it. As she wants it to have a nice life and someone who really wants a baby to raise it. She is not stupid and realises it is not the right time for her to have a baby, which I thought was a very mature approach to the situation (although the actual pressures of having the baby should have been rather daunting). But she was very content that she made the desicion to have sex therefore had a possibility of getting pregnant.

I thought Juno’s parents reactions were just so funny and totally not what you would expect them to be like. The whole approach she took to tell them was also hilarious. At 16 you would just expect to be shouted at and be distraught. Her friend when she told her over the phone, and responding that it could just be a food baby if she had a big lunch, and then being very suprised with how she managed to have enough pee for 3 pregnancy tests. That is probably a typical best friend response, trying to talk you out of it and convince you your not.

I think the other main issue approached in this movie, is the whole adoption process and how desperate some couples (or more so the woman) are for a baby. Jennifer Garner’s character is so desperate for a baby it eventually wrecks her marriage (yes, probably other issues too, but that had to be the main one). I also thought this aided to the nice ending. Her husband played by Jason Bateman, was a little creepy towards Juno in my opinion. Just seemed that he wanted to be with her which was just a bit strange. But the innoncence and naive age of Juno she just did not see this until it was too late and I really actually did feel sorry for her at that point, as she thought he was just being friendly. I think she would have grown up even more at that point.

At points I did keep thinking that Juno would change her mind and not get pass on the baby, but she never felt like it was hers which was kind of strange. You would have thought she would of grown to love it, but I guess sometimes you just dont attach in situations like this. (Not like I really have any idea as I do not have any kids of my own, and I dont no the whole attachment thing that goes on).

Bleeker (Michael Cera) the guy who got Juno pregnant. They were just friends, never actually boyfriend/girlfriend until the end. They had a rather strange relationship as she really seemed to dominate him (which was rather amusing). But I guess they really did actually like each other, but neither were ready for a baby. As some of the final lines were, some people fall in love before they reproduce. They done it the other way around.

Overall, I found this a really enjoyable and different comedy movie. Although the issues faced were serious it took a very good approach to it all. I would definatly watch this again, and possibly again and again.

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