I Am Sam (2001) Review

I had heard quite a bit about this movie in recent times, maybe with the whole Sean Penn is brilliant vibe going around and his previous roles being compared. I did enjoy this movie, and think its terrific acting to act the way Sean did in this movie to be a mentally handicapped man but he does it in such a lovely cute way.


I suppose it is a rather difficult subject area with a man who has the mental capacity of a 7 year old fathering a child and then bringing her up for 7 years without anyone questioning his fathering skills and capability of bringing up a child.

I really really liked the whole Beatles references and mentionings throughout the movie, I thought that was a nice touch. That Sam (Sean Penn) could remember so many different facts about the Beatles and used them to remember things which were important to him. He even called his daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning) after the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Dakota Fanning is such a great young actress, I really hope she takes the transitsion from child-star to becoming a really top draw actress as all of her early roles would suggest that she is more than capable of doing this. Lets just hope she does!

Michelle Pfeiffer played the part of the lawyer, who done the case pro bono for Sam. (After quite a lot of asking). She totally stole the whole movie for me . . . actually for some reason she seems to steal the scenes in nearly every movie she is in for me. Maybe I have a little obsession with her which I did not realise I had, haha. She is just fantastic. I love how Sam teaches her so much about her life, and even ends up making her evaluate what is important to her and his fight to be with his daughter makes her realise how lucky she is to have her son and appears to take more time to spend with him.

I must admit I really did feel sorry for Sam during the court scenes, and really hated . . . yes hated the woman who was the foster parent to Lucy at first. I mean I really do not understand why she had to be so mean to Sam. He just wanted his daughter back, all he had ever done was love her more than anything. But in the end she eventually came around which led to a kind of happy ending. That Sam was allowed to see Lucy all the time (I guess, as it was never actually said in the movie.)

I loved how Lucy would climb out of her bedroom window and walk all the way to Sam’s place at night, just so she could see him that was just too cute.

Overall, it was a nice enough movie. With some very good performances and I am glad that I have now seen this movie.

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