Just Cause (1995) Review

Paul Armstrong is a Harvard Professor and lured back into the courtroom after twenty-five years to take on a new case.


I must admit that I had not even heard of this movie before I watched it. I will give anything a go with Sean Connery in, he’s always good no matter what he is in. I am quite a fan of movies like this where it keeps you guessing and your never really sure which direction the twist is going to go in and you doubt yourself to whether you are right or wrong.

I did guess what was going to happen, but just kinda before it happened but slightly before the realisation hit Sean Connery’s character haha. But I must admit I thought it was something to do with the Cop aka Laurence Fishburne he just seemed very suspect (but I guess that was the idea of it all).

I was pleased to see I spotted correctly that Scarlett Johansson was playing the daughter in what had to be one of her very first movie roles she was so young. But still could tell it was her, would like to say she has not changed very much but I suppose she has a little bit but that is mainly the blondeness of her hair.

Anyway, I found the standout performance in this movie to come from Ed Harris he was just fantastic as a psycho . . . yes a very strange statement to make. But he really was great, I usually find myself being rather impressed with Ed in the different movies he appears in he does not usually take on the same types of characters and has a very broad selection of roles.

Blair Underwood (who I was thinking, OMG he was in SATC for a couple of episodes, yes I am that sad that I know everything about SATC as have watched it all so many times).  He was also good in this movie, and had a very lets go psycho moments which were very well acted in my opinion.

Sean Connery looked like Indiana Jones in parts when he was wearing his hat, which amused me if done nothing else towards the movie. Laurene Fishburne was not in the movie for as long as I thought he was going to be especially with him being on the DVD box and having his name about the title after Sean of course.

But overall, I cannot really go deep into the storyline without giving away how it ends, or how you think it might end. So I will just end saying that it was good, but not really that different from similar movies in this genre. It kind of reminded me of “Cape Fear” in parts, “Dead Man Walking” and even a little “The Green Mile”.

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