Home Alone (1990) Review

When Kevin is accidentally left home alone by his family when they are going to spend Christmas in Paris, he must defend himself and the home when it is targeted by burglars.


Macaulay Culkin, was such a cute little kid and such a good actor. Just a shame lots of things happened in his personal life and affected what could have been a fantastic career. Anyway, Home Alone is really fantastic and probably every kids fantasty of being left alone at home to do pretty much what ever you want. Eating junk food and watching movies/TV that you know you wouldnt normally be allowed to do. So basically it is something that should be the dream, I dread to even think how any child would cope nowadays with something like this as they cannot do anything with a bit of freedom and that is something that I guess ages the film.

As well as being terrified of the neighbour due to stories from his older brother and not wanting to then talk to him. The thing is though the life message within that part if the story is very important, highlighting that you should never guess or judge someone because of rumours and what you have been told. When you actually have no idea about them or what they have been through, so we learn good things in Home Alone as well which is probably not something that we immediately think about when watching this film.

But what happens when burglers target your home? You protect it, with toy cars, a pet spider and pretty much anything else you can get your hands on! Fantastic! You get scared of the creepy guy next door . . . who turns out to be really cool and helps out in the end. Also back in the day of the Sega Mega Drive, we used to play on the home alone game where you had to stop the burglers flooding the houses. If I remember rightly it was actually a rather difficult game to play.

This movie is basically fantastic family entertainment, and so much fun. It really is just so awesome, I could never get bored of watching it. No matter what time of year it is, even though it is Christmas set film that actually doesn’t matter.

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