Empire Magazine 2009 Awards

Best Newcomer: Gemma Arterton

I think thats a good choice of winner, she was very good in “St. Trinians” and was in QoS too.

Best Comedy: Son of Ranbow

I have not seen this, so have no idea what its like. But it beat “In Bruges” ?!?! I must give it a watch sometime then.

Best Horror: Eden Lake

I have not seen this, so I have no idea what to make of it winning. Watch it maybe?

Best Thriller: Quantum of Solace

YAY an awards ceremony which James Bond films pick up awards. Good times !!!

Actor of Our Lifetime: Russell Crowe

Yeah not a bad choice at all. Russell is a very good actor, has been in some fantastic films and usually performs no matter what the role is.

Best Director – Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight)

Empire loves Christopher Nolan and rightly so. The Dark Knight was so fantastic. Christopher totally deserved more recognition from other awards for this.

Best Sci-Fi/Superhero – Wanted

Quite suprised to see that Wanted won this over “The Dark Knight”. But I did enjoy “Wanted”. I suppose the awards were handed out to cover quite a lot of movies which came out over the year. But note to self . . . didnt the readers vote for there winner?

Best Soundtrack – Mamma Mia!

Yeah, it really had to be “Mamma Mia!” that picked up this award, it was such a huge film for last year. Such a feel good film and the soundtrack is feel good as well.

Best British Film – RocknRolla

I liked this and thought it was very good. But cannot believe “In Bruges” was beaten by it. (Yes I am a massive In Bruges fan if you hadn’t noticed already.)

Best Film – The Dark Knight

And rightly so !!! That makes more sense now why it did not win Best Sci-fi/Superhero . . . as it won Best Film. It really is something else and deserves so many awards and so much praise.

Best Actor – Christian Bale (The Dark Knight)

It really was a Dark Night at the Empire awards . . . yes that was a bad attempt at a pun/joke. But hey it won a lot of awards. Christian Bale I dont think got enough credit for how good he is in the Batman films especially the Dark Knight.

Best Actress – Helena Bonham Carter (Sweeney Todd)

Pleased Sweeney got an award as I really loved it a lot. Helena was very good in her version of Mrs Lovett (as I have seen a few different versions).

Empire Icon – Viggo Mortensen

I love Viggo and I love that Sean Bean presented him with the award. He is such a versitle actor and seems like a nice guy too (from seeing him in interviews and things like that). He seems rather shy with all the interview stuff but such a lovely man. Yes I did fall in love with Aragorn when I first saw Lord of the Rings thank you very much.

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