The Way We Were (1973) Review

Opposites certainly attracted when Katie meets Hubbell and they have a truly amazing romance. But their opposing political views and convictions will eventually drive them apart.


I watched this for the first time last night, of course I had heard quite a bit about this movie. Had heard the song quite a lot. But for some reason had never actually seen the movie. I liked how the song was on at the start and the music to the song was played throughout the movie which was very nice. (I like that in romantic movies).

So where to start, although I had heard a bit about this movie. I didnt really know much of the story other than Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford were the two main characters.

Anyway, they were total opposites who didnt really get along while in college and meet again years later. He ends up spending the night with her. They then end up together, but they always seem to have a problem with something going on in there lives.

Not getting on with friends because of the different views they have on how things in the world should flow and go type of thing.

I have to admit that I was really heartbroken when she called him up after they broke up and was crying saying that in a time like this you talk to your best friend. But how can she do that when he is the best friend she has ever had. Thank god he actually turned up to see her, as he didnt talk on the phone, he hung up on her which I also thought was very sad.

I think the chemistry between the two was very believable throughout the whole movie. It seemed as though the two characters really loved each other, even though as the end shows they both wanted each other but knew it would never work out for them to be together.

It was heartbreaking to find out Hubble (Redford) did not know or have any involvement in his daughters life and Katie (Streisand) had remarried. Very sad that two people who should have obviously been together just couldn’t so they could live there own life’s.

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