Miller Not Old Enough To Play Maid Marian

I am glad that Cate Blanchett has the part, I think she is a fantastic actress.

Sienna Miller lost the chance to play Robin Hood‘s sweetheart in Ridley Scott‘s new Medieval epic – because she’s too young.

The actress had been attached to The Sheriff of Nottingham for over a year but when the project went through a rewrite, it quickly became clear she was no longer the right fit – and Cate Blanchett became the new leading lady.

Miller tells WENN, “The script has been evolving and changing and it often happens in films. They’ve been trying to make this for a couple of years and they rewrote the script and they needed someone who was older.

“There’s a husband who has been away at war for 10 years and he comes back, so it’s just not feasible for me to play her. Cate Blanchett is doing it.”

Miller insists there have been many other cast changes – but the media refuses to focus on them.

She adds, “The media doesn’t have to make quite as much a meal of it as they do when it happens to me. I’m sure it will be a wonderful project but this is not an absolutely shocking thing to happen in the movie industry when scripts evolve and casts change.

“Other people have changed in that cast, but the media just won’t document it. I would obviously love to work with Ridley and still I hope to in the future.”


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