Dragonfly (2002) Review

When a grieving doctor was contacted by his dead wife after one of his patients has a near death experience, he starts to wonder what exactly happened to her.


I have just watched this movie for the first time (after actually wanting to see it for a while, as I am a big Kevin Costner fan, yes a big fan thats right).

I kinda had an idea that it was about a man who’s wife had died, and strange things begin to happen. I must admit that I did guess the ending before it happened. But I guess it was kinda obvious, but I will give myself some credit that it was well worked out haha.

I think the whole basis of the story (and then the ending) had a strong message and story line. When someone you love dies, are they really gone? I am sure everyone has had that thought when they love someone and they are no longer here. It must be such a difficult time.

I thought the way the movie addressed this issue, was very impressive. As the methods of the children having near death experiences (which is documented for actually happening to people) was very strong for the whole movie. Linking it to, Costner’s wife trying to get a message back to him as she knew he would eventually go and visit the children she looked after in the hospital.

I think its a nice thought that loved ones, are still looking out for us after they have gone until they know we are safe and that they have no unfinished buisness anymore.

I guess if Kevin Costner wasnt in this movie I would not have liked it as much as I did. I really am a big fan of his, but also sad that he never seems to have any luck with women in his movies.

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