Knowing (2009) Review

So I had seen the trailer for this movie a few times, but other than the prediction for the end of the world and all the events which a lot of people died the dates had been written down for hence the whole end of the world . . . as guess what??? The numbers ran out . . .


Maybe that is pretty much the plot to this movie, however I do feel that Nicolas Cage has followed in the pattern of being in very disappointing movies in recent times. (In my opinion). I still havent forgotten “Next” or “The Wicker Man”. Where is the actor who was in “Con Air” ??? We want him back.

Anyway, I found “Knowing” to be very strange, wasnt really expecting the kinda ghostly feel to it, but was very predictable, because of the creepy music it would have on at a part in which you should have been scared of, or at least going to jump at type of thing. But who knows really.

I guess the ending wasnt really what I expected either, but I didnt understand why Nicolas Cage’s son was the boy who could here “the whisper people” yes thats bad, bad script writing.

The whole world ending theme has been used a hell of a lot over the years in the movies. But has it ever really ended ?

I just did not like this movie, which is probably evident in my review. It was all just a bit random and didnt really make much sense.

Not one that I will want to watch anytime soon.

3 thoughts on “Knowing (2009) Review

  1. I agree with you on this one. The film didn’t work for me at all. It’s confusing and has a terribe ending. Nicholas Cage seems to be making a habit of making really bad movies at the moment.


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