In Bruges (2008) Review

Shoot first. Sight see later.

When a hit goes terribly wrong Ray is taken on a holiday to Bruges, its in Belgium . . .


This is without a doubt my favorite film of 2008. I saw it on the release date in the cinema which I thought was around August time, but when I checked my ticket it was April. Which then I was thinking no wonder that it didn’t get nominated for more awards. I was still pleased to see Colin Farrell win a Golden Globe with Brendan Gleeson being nominated as well. Although the award should have been shared between the two of them as it would not have been the same without Brendan. Also to see it win the best original screenplay at the BAFTA awards. Not many people seem to have heard of “In Bruges” which is such a shame. As it is a brilliant British film. Yes it has a lot of swearing in it, but its funny. Not only does it have some fantastic lines and so many funny moments it has a message and a heart as well, which makes it so unique.

Ray (Farrell) and Ken (Gleeson) are two hit men who have been ordered by their boss Harry (Fiennes) to hide out in Bruges after a job went wrong. Ken thinks its good to be in a place like Bruges and wants to sight-see all of the landmarks and old buildings. While Ray would rather be anywhere else than Bruges, he has no interest in looking at anything and would rather just drink. This obviously leads to so many funny moments. Involving a dwarf/midget, who Ray is just obsessed with. So many different jokes are just so funny, everyone is insulted and that’s what makes it so funny.

The tower scene when Ray insults the Americans who want to go up because he does not think that they would be able to fit up the stairs. Then the incident in the restaurant with people who Ray thinks are Americans. He hit the woman because she came at him with a bottle (yes you do have to watch the film to understand that). I have watched it quite a few times since I bought the DVD and do practically know all of the words now (yes, that’s sad. But this is such a fantastic film).

At the Oscars I was really hoping it would cause an upset and rightly win the Best Original Screenplay Oscar but that didn’t happen 😦 I totally think it deserved it. The whole story and dialogue was just refreshing and different. (Yes it has a lot of swearing in it, but it was in an amusing way).

Although it is a film about two hit men, it really does have scenes of redemption and sorrow. It is so depressing in parts which I was not expecting the first time I saw this film as it looked just too funny by the trailers. But it really does have a heart, when Ray is so close to taking his own life because of the little altar boy he accidentally killed. Which is why Harry (Ralph Fiennes) their boss then also comes to Bruges to sort Ray out, or Ken out as Ken tells Harry he let Ray go, because he was still young and could turn his life around. Harry is very particular and vowed that if he every killed a child, he would then turn the gun on himself to make up for the child’s life being lost.

I just have to acknowledge one of my favorite parts from the film. (Bearing in mind it will probably not make any sense if you have not seen the film). This first one is rather random but I really do find it hilarious, I think its the combination of the cockney accent and the way Harry is smashing the phone apart.

Natalie: [Harry gets angry and is destroying the phone, his wife approach him, saying:] Harry. Harry! It’s a inanimate f**king object!
Harry: [to wife] You’re an inanimate f**kin’ object!

Overall I really do think this film is such an underrated gem, and should be watched by more people.

3 thoughts on “In Bruges (2008) Review

  1. Brilliant film. Unique, funny, moving, violent. Made me wanted to visit Bruges actually – not for all the drugs and killing, for the pretty buildings! 😉


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