Mickey Rourke cleans up his act – and buys a new dog

Because I have lacked any Mickey Rourke posts and news over the past couple of days. He has got a new job and rid of his goatee.

It looks like the shock of not winning an Oscar has forced Mickey Rourke to clean up his act.

The former hellraiser, 56, has shaved off his famous goatee and brought a new pooch to replace Loki, his beloved chihuahua who died a few days before Sunday’s Oscar ceremony.

Rourke wore a necklace with a picture of Loki to the star-studded bash, which saw him lose out to Sean Penn in the best actor category.

Just before the ceremony he said that he would have traded an Oscar win for more time with his dog.

“It’s bittersweet. I said to myself I’d rather have Loki for another two years than an Oscar. And I told her that. But she stayed as long as she could, you know,” he said on the red carpet.

Source: http://www.metro.co.uk/fame/article.html?Mickey_Rourke_cleans_up_his_act_-_and_buys_a_new_dog&in_article_id=561471&in_page_id=7

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